Work environments are important- as they tell the visitors what to expect from the place. Inspired from Dr. BV Doshi’s words (renowned Architect), “Why an office be like an office”, we followed the same footsteps in a microscopic manner. We chose an apartment as our office, where we wanted to create an artistic environment with a modern touch. We even tired to create spaces more homely rather than commercial, so when a person enters the office one, would feel as if entering a living room. Trying to incorporate the sense of an art studio, we paneled our doors from both sides making it 4” thick and painted it white. We used bright colors especially blue, to energize the environment. The cabin represented a simple four legged table with a marble top making it look classy and elegant. More storages were preferred rather than partitions to accommodate our reference books. We created an exposed brick wall, in the work place(Studio) with a fish tank at the bottom to achieve n architectural significance!